Three tips for writing the perfect cover letter!
Including a cover letter allows you to tell your potential employer more about you and this demonstrably puts you aside from candidates who didn’t. At Street League, we provide our participants with detailed cover letter assistance and show you how to stand out from the crowd! Here are three tips for writing the perfect cover letter:

1. Make the introduction impactful:
This will be the first thing the employer will see, so it needs to be attention grabbing and impressive. Include all the necessary skills that pertain to the job advertisement and tell them how you’re the right candidate for the job.

2. Don’t be afraid to shout about yourself:
Include a couple of your occupational achievements and describe how they are relevant to this job, demonstrating to the employer the skills you mentioned in the introduction.

3. Include company knowledge:
Research the company and make sure you completely understand the role for which you’re applying. Go beyond the job description and learn about the company’s successes, problems, and long-term goals. This could take an estimate of half an hour to find, however, it could be the difference between getting an interview and staying unemployed.