Financial performance

Our financial ethos is to ensure that we deliver as much social impact as possible, in a sustainable and responsible way. 

Strong financial management of our charity is crucial, ensuring that we achieve the balance between delivering as much social impact as possible and long-term sustainability. This includes: 

  • Commitment to maintaining 2x monthly running costs in reserves (rising to 2.5x by 2019) 
  • Board of Trustees includes former CEO of Dow Chemical and current CEO of Rentokil Initial 
  • Longstanding relationships with two of the UK's leading Venture Philanthropy organisations

Street League is funded from a variety of sources, which is in line with our strategy to avoid over-reliance on a single source of income. 

Commissioned Income

Street League delivers Academy
 programmes commissioned by
 a large range of Public Sector
 organizations including the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Skills Development Scotland, Further Education colleges and local authorities in England and Scotland.

Corporate Income

We are supported by a wide range of companies who see Street League as an essential partner for their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Sponsoring an Academy unlocks a host of valuable opportunities, from mock interviews to fundraising sports tournaments.

See more information on Corporate partners

Grant Income

Street League is funded by a number of trusts and foundations, who award grants based on our ability to help young people overcome barriers to work.

Venture Philanthropy 

Street League has enjoyed a long and on-going relationship with the two leading Venture Philanthropy organisations in the UK, Impetus-PEF and Inspiring Scotland. Selection by these organisations is a highly competitive process and is a great validation of Street League’s vision, team, and efficient operation.


Whether it’s a one-off or monthly donation or doing a sponsored event, every pound donated to Street League goes directly towards helping change a young person's life. Make a donation here.

This vital funding means we can spread our delivery further across the UK, employ more staff, impact more areas, grow the organisation further and thereby help more young people to transform their lives.

Apart from providing funding, private sector businesses support our work in other, vitally important ways, such as mentoring and participating in our training programmes, providing work experience opportunities, apprenticeships and training schemes and, of course, jobs for young people ‘graduating’ from our courses.

Financial Dashboard for 2016-17