Understanding our social impact

You can better understand Street League's impact by reading through the eight tabs (navigation and expand to full-page at the bottom of dashboard). The dashboard follows an overview of our 'theory of change' and we believe that the final tile best summarises our impact as our mission is to help young people from disadvantaged communities move into sustainable jobs, education and training.

The dashboard uses our full dataset over the past twelve months (plus some historic data). All data is anonymised and has passed our four-stage internal audit process. Click the info icons on the dashboard to help you understand what you're looking at and visit our Impact Dashboard FAQ's for common questions.

HINT: For the best experience, we recommend you view and interact on a desktop device.

Street League's interactive impact dashboard (version 2.0)

Navigate the eight dashboard tiles by clicking the left/right arrows.

Benchmarks and targets

Young people's journeys

It is always important to remember that there are hundreds of young people and their stories behind the data. Some of their unique journeys are shared here.


Share your thoughts, comments and questions

Historic dashboards

To shed light on trends and changes in the young people we support and the success we have in doing so, we share PDF files of historic impact dashboards.

November 2018

October 2018

September 2018