The skills needed to succeed in real life and in work are often different to those taught in exams and classroom situations, yet young people are often told that passing exams are the only route to a career. We wanted to share real-life advice from people who've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt to show that there are many ways to achieve your goals.

Things I wish I learnt at school - VOTE NOW!

Choose your top 3 'things you wish you learnt at school!'
1. "It's about tenacity. It's about the willingness to achieve what YOU like, and not what people tell you that you should like."
2. "Don't feel pressurised into making the 'right decision' at such a young age. What you decide now may change. Your life is a long journey and other opportunities might come up."
3. "There's a lot of pressure on exams but don't focus the be all and end all on them. There are other options if you fail your exams and you can only do your best."
4. "You will do jobs that you don't like, but the thing to keep in mind is where do I want to be at the end of all this."
5. "Don't worry too much and have faith in yourself. Not everyone fits into a stereotypical mould and different things work better for different people."
6. "You don't need to pass your exams to end up in your dream job, or a job that you love, or a job that pays well… You can get there in different ways."
7. "It's important to not take knocks too seriously. People are different and everyone's good at different things."
8. "Life isn't a race. Take some time to work out who you really are and what you want to do."
9. "If you're not so good at exams then that's not the end of the story. There's a lot more about you and your qualiities and what you can bring to a job and a workplace than just how well you did at Maths or English."
10. "If you've not found school particularly right for you then you really shouldn't worry about it. School is just one way to get into a career."
11. "Believe in yourself. The only person who can stop you achieving is you."
12. "Street League taught that professionalism, trustworthiness, and how to be reliable are the most important skills."
13. "If you truly work hard and you've got the ability to do something, then you can do it regardless of what your grades say."
14. "Whatever you want to do, go for it. Whatever your dream job is, however tough or however competitive, someone's got to do it."
15. "I wasn't taught the life skills that lead to getting a job, such as how to do a CV."
16. "How to help others with confidence, because, at a young age, you don't understand how different personalities work."
17. "The potential that every young person has is there and they're all capable of what they want to achieve. There is always a journey -which is not quick or easy but there is a route and we're here to show that."
18. "Don't worry about not getting the qualifications you want because there's always other paths."
19. "That you can have fun with your friends but be serious when you need to be."
20. "Don't give up and always keep trying. Always try and reach your potential because you never know what life can hit you with."
21. "I wish school would teach more life skills, such as how to answer interview questions."
22. "How to be confident and not to shy away from a challenge."
23."Don't dwell on results because grades don't define you."
24."The skills that employers look for and to be confident in your qualities."
25. "Work out what it is that you've got and what you can bring and then major in those!
26. "Practical skills, because I still don't know how you work a washing machine."
27. "How to get on with your work-mates, how to interact with people and how to be punctual."
28. "It's about you as a person, not you on paper."
29. "How to speak publicly without getting nervous."
30. "I wish school taught me how to network."

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We believe:

  1. Traditional education is not the only route to a successful career
  2. School isn't one-size-fits-all
  3. Some valuable life skills can't be taught in a classroom or tested in an exam
  4. Sport is a great way to learn valuable life and work skills, and get fit for work

To provide support and motivation to young people around this years' exam results, we asked people to share their best advice in the form of "Things I wish I learnt at school".  The campaign features YouTuber vloggers, Corporate Partners such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch and State Street, Street League graduates and staff and celebrity ambassadors including Laurent Koscielny and Max Rushden

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