Street League's complete guide to getting and keeping a job!
Videos, infographics, and blogs, all focused on getting you into work! Our Outreach Coordinators and AfterCare staff give you their advice on how to get ready for work, get a job, and then stay in that job. Street League is committed to ending youth unemployment and this toolkit details exactly how you can move into work. We talk about C.V.'s, cover letters, interviews, and the benefits of joining a Street League programme.

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Getting ready for work
Street League's complete 'Getting ready for work' Toolkit; comprised of fitness tips, confidence improvement skills, and a break down of how and why you should join Street League.

how to improve your fitness  How to improve your confidence  how to improve your online image  Why you should join Street League!  How to join Street League!    

I want to get a job
Street League's 'I want to get a job' toolkit. We cover everything from interview tips, cover letters, phone interviews and C.V.s.

5 Tips on how to write your C.V.  3 Tips on how to write your cover letter  How to ace your job interview  3-top-tips-when-applying-for-an-apprenticeship  3 tips for phone interviews! 

New job, now what?
Congratulations on getting your new job! It really is a fantastic achievement. Now that you've got a job, there are a few things you need to know about. For example, pension plans, tax codes, your payslip and your contract.

How to ask for more hours  How to ask for a pay increase  Understanding your employment contract  Understanding your payslip  Tax, national insurance and pensions