Since 2009, the media and government have hailed great successes in the reduction in the rate of young people NOT in employment, education or training (NEET) from the peak of 17.9% post-recession, now down to 12% (or 1 in 8). However, when you dig a bit deeper into the numbers it is clear that there is a huge regional disparity and that opportunity depends on where you live. Regions like the North East, Yorks & Humber and North West are identified as having the highest rates of young people not in employment, education and training. 

A recent report in the Telegraph has estimated that even with the reduction in the national figure, youth unemployment is “leaving a £45 billion hole in the economy per year”. 

At Street League we are laser focussed on supporting those young people who need our help the most, which means operating in the areas of most disadvantage. The data shows that our sport for employment programmes within England are all operating in regions where the NEET rate is above the national average. The exception of London can be explained by a high proportion of 16-24% who are in full-time education, but the youth unemployment rate is still significantly higher than the national average. 


81% of participants are from the top 40% most deprived areas of the UK (1760/2177) 

The same situation is true of our Scottish programmes. We have recently launched two new programmes in Dundee, where the youth unemployment rate is 19.4% which is the highest in the country and equates to almost 1 in 5 young people. Glasgow also has a higher than average youth unemployment rate at 16.6%. 



As well as operating in areas of high youth unemployment, we ensure we’re supporting those who have the most barriers to employment. 

75% of our participants faced at least one socio-economic barrier to employment (1257/1685) 

84% of our participants had no qualifications higher than GCSE, National 5 or equivalent (1421/1685) 

This is why Street League important and this is why Street League is making a 'TRUE' impact to the lives of young people. 

Street League is the UK's leading sport for employment charity with a vision to see an end to youth unemployment in the UK. The charity offers 8-12 week-long sport and work skills programmes to unemployed 16-24 year olds who face significant barriers or obstacles to moving into work. On the programme the young people take part in daily health and fitness activities including football, dance, and fitness, and then spend time developing personalised action plans with one-to-one mentoring support, employability qualifications, CV skills and interview training. They have the opportunity to take part in work placement opportunities before moving into jobs, college courses, apprenticeships or other further training. Street League enjoys a healthy relationship with Premier Inn, Jewson and numerous other companies who have employed many of their graduates. In 2015-16, Street League supported 1281 young people into employment, education or training with 55% of them sustaining their jobs.

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