Our Head of Operations for Scotland, Kirsty Steven, shares how Street League's teams have ensured support is in place for young Scots as youth unemployment grows to 13.1%.

Last year Street League's teams across Scotland supported 1,003 young Scots into work, education and training. It was our highest social impact performance in two years, and we were proud of all the effort our teams put in across the country. Our services are delivered in 36 communities across 17 of Scotland’s Local Authorities

Launch of remote youth employment support

Due to the coronavirus crisis, we needed to adapt and innovate our services to ensure we maintained continuity so that we could properly support those young people we had on programme as lockdown started and so that we could be there for those who had lost out on pending job start dates, experienced sudden redundancy, or were already unemployed. 

The priority was to ensure that young people had a source of support available, but also that our partners knew we were still active and doing extensive work behind the scenes to ensure staff and young people were equipped to deal with our changes to delivery.

Our remote offer is called Head Body Future and is open for young people to join.

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Working in partnership

Our partnerships are very important to us and we realise the value in a reciprocal relationship where everyone is working towards the same goal. Gail Connelly, Careers Advisor for Skills Development Scotland in North Lanarkshire said:

“Street-League were one of the first organisations to offer a service to young people. Information on the provision of the service and how the staff could meet the varied needs of the clients was excellent. Quick response for both the partner agency and the client.”

Margorie Harvie, 16+ Transitions Co-ordinator at East Ayrshire Council said:

“Since the Covid-19 pandemic our partnership with Street League has continued to provide support to our communities most vulnerable hardest to reach young people in East Ayrshire. Their continuous support and imaginative dynamic approach has really lifted the spirits of everyone involved.”

Thank you to our partners across Scotland

We want to say THANK YOU to all partners (SDS, Schools, Local Authorities and DWP) for their continued support. More than ever, our close working relationships will be vital to helping young people. Our collective efforts will serve to create a longer lasting and sustainable impact.

With the surge in Scottish youth unemployment seen at the end of April, to 13.1%, and which, according to ONS totals 45,000 young people, we want our partners and young people to know, we are here, we are ready, and we want to support them.

For more information about Street League's services in Scotland, please feel free to contact Kirsty Steven, Head of Operations (Scotland). You can also follow her for updates on LinkedIN or Twitter.