We are delighted to announce that Matt Stevenson-Dodd, CEO of Street League, has been elected to the Editorial Advisory Board for the Guardian Public Leaders Network.

Matt Stevenson-Dodd has been the CEO of Street League for six years, successfully navigating the charity through the changing sector landscape to achieve 30-40% growth in social impact year on year, for the past three years. This election is great recognition of the work that Stevenson-Dodd has been doing to encourage more transparency in the non-profit sector by openly sharing his experiences through editorial and social media content. Below is just a snapshot of some of the highlights from 2016.

Street League finished 2016 on a high. As well as the biggest ever year for social impact, last year saw a re-brand, new youth campaign, bold new annual report and a stand for transparency. We continue to put young people at the heart of what we do, as well as being open and honest about what Street League’s challenges.

In 2016 we decided to start our annual report with a #callforclarity and transparency by reporting on what we didn’t get right and why. As well as sharing Street League’s challenges, the annual report also outlines the charities’ “Three Golden Rules” for transparent impact reporting. Street League is encouraging other charities to adopt these golden rules and be more open with sharing challenges.

The Three Golden Rules:

1. Never over-claim what you do

2. All percentages must also include absolute numbers to avoid being misleading

3. All outcomes must be backed by auditable evidence.

Matt Stevenson-Dodd was named (for the second time) as one of the top 30 charity CEO's to follow on Twitter. Continuing to voice his opinion on current issues, Matt’s ‘Are charities doing as much good as they say or are they telling tales?’ piece in the Guardian Voluntary sector network was extremely well received. Whilst potentially controversial, it reflects the state of the charity sector and the need to restore trust.

“Many charities think they are measuring their impact by reporting huge numbers of people they have ‘helped’. But what does ‘helped’ actually mean? Is it just saying hello to someone or does it mean truly making a change in that person’s life?” Matt Stevenson-Dodd

Another recent article titled “How to trust charity CEO’s again” shows commitment to seeing a positive change in the sector.

Street League plans to build on this culture of sharing and transparency by launching its own Leadership Blog this month. You can expect videos and articles on transparency, social impact reporting, commissioning, female participation and financial good practice, amongst many more topical pieces. The blog will be written by the senior leadership team at Street League and will be launched with a piece on “Trends and Predictions for 2017”.