Street League’s services have stayed constant throughout the coronavirus crisis. We have worked hard to not just move our sport and employability programmes online but to understand and meet the needs that young people have had during lockdown.

That has seen the development of our new online service - 'Head - Body - Future'.

Inspired and motivated to do everything we can

We’ve carried the NHS banner to show our support and recognise the incredible efforts by everyone across our health system. Some parts of the third sector worked alongside the NHS as first responders to the medical crisis while others worked to address the social emergency that developed.

Kelechi (pictured right) was supported by Street League into a job in 2019. Lockdown saw him furloughed and we helped him get a job at the NHS’s Nightingale Hospital (London) as part of their security team.

We value our people and have seen our staff come together and adapt to ensure support is there for young people in need. Just as we are inspired by key workers and Street League staff across the country, we are in awe of the young people we work with, the burden they bear and the resilience they have shown.

Many of our young people live in and experience poverty every day. Some have learning difficulties, are disabled, struggle with health conditions, are young carers, or care leavers. Poverty, social inequality, racism and other social and economic barriers to employment are their reality. All young people are making the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.

Young people’s wellbeing at the heart

Young people’s wellbeing is at the heart of Head – Body – Future. Focusing us and them on safeguarding young people’s futures and potential.


Delivered by Street League’s skilled and well-qualified staff, Head – Body – Future is to help young people stay focused, get fit and be ready for their future.


Our support for young people in employment has continued to be critical as they navigate job uncertainty, furlough, reduced contract hours, and redundancy. Youth unemployment is predicted to reach record levels. This is not inevitable. We are already seeing the impact of the service; high levels of engagement and young people’s commitment to completing qualifications in maths, English, wellbeing, customer service and employability. Some have already progressed into jobs, education and training opportunities and we have included data for the same period last year for comparison.

The value of partnership and organisational resilience

We were able able to continue our services thanks in large part to having had our best ever financial year in 2019-20. We achieved our biggest surplus and built our reserves to their highest levels – while increasing the number of young people we supported. This was achieved by the incredible dedication of our staff and the fantastic and enduring strategic support from Inspiring Scotland, People’s Postcode Lottery and many others.

We have been overwhelmed by the support of our partners during the crisis, who have offered reassurance, additional funding, volunteering, and helped us address the digital exclusion many of our young people face. Gilead Sciences gave us 86 tablets that we were able to distribute to young people and ensure they could complete their qualifications and stay connected to our support and others’.

The pandemic has shown us how much we need each other. It has brought into sharp focus the role the third sector has had and will play in the country’s social and economic recovery. Together, we can turn the anxiety and fear many young people are feeling right now into hope and excitement for their future.