Barclays have selected Street League as one of 100 charities to benefit from their COVID-19 Community Relief Programme. This much needed funding will support young people who have been hit hardest by the pandemic and who are most at risk of future long-term unemployment.

The generous donation from Barclays will provide a vital lifeline to 1000 young people, supporting them into paid employment by helping with their essential basic needs. We will provide ‘Coronavirus Crisis Kits’ and ‘Coronavirus Job Kits’ to those most at risk – with a focus on the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, BAME communities, young people with learning difficulties and poor mental health and young women. These urgent coronavirus kits will provide the critical foundation for 1000 vulnerable young people to secure and sustain future work.

The funding comes from Barclays £100m Community Aid Package to support charities that are helping people and communities most impacted by COVID-19.

Nigel Mansfield, Street League’s Commercial Director said “We are delighted to have been chosen as one of Barclays’ UK charity partners and are immensely grateful for this support. With youth unemployment at crisis point and so many young people already facing devastating consequences that will continue to impact them now and into the future, this support has never been more needed. Thanks to Barclays’ support of these coronavirus crisis kits, young people have an opportunity to build a better future.”

Nigel Higgins, Barclays Chairman, said:

“COVID-19 has created an unprecedented social and economic impact in the UK, with many experiencing greater hardship due to the crisis. Incredible charities have been playing a vital role in the UK’s response to the pandemic, ensuring urgent help reaches those most in need of support. As a bank we have been doing all we can for our customers, clients and colleagues, and we hope that by partnering with Street League and many other charities across the UK, collectively we can ensure that as many people as possible in the communities in which we live and work are supported through this crisis.”

Street League have continued to support young people throughout the crisis – being there for those who need our support more than ever. Since the beginning of lockdown, we have been delivering a brand new online programme, supporting over 700 young people across the UK

If you are interested in finding out how you can support young people at Street League, please get in touch with Georgia at [email protected]

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