At Street League's digital event - 'What the future holds for young people' - we heard how Covid-19 has destroyed employment prospects for many young people, and the impact this will have for years to come.

Street League use the power of sport to help young people to build the skills and confidence they need to realise their potential and move into work. With youth unemployment soaring, we know that young people need our support more now than ever before and we have continued to deliver our services throughout lockdown with our Head Body Future online programme. The following data shows our work across the UK from the first day of lockdown, 23rd March, to 28th August:

Many of the young people we work with have additional stresses in their lives that can make it more difficult for them to find work. During lockdown, our participants have reported the following barriers:

Poverty, social inequality, racism and other social and economic barriers are the reality our young people face that prevent them from securing a job. Covid-19 has strained many families who were already struggling financially. With the help of our supporters, we extended our support to ensure that young people and their families have money for food, and data bundles to access our online support programmes and apply for jobs.

Street League moved all our services online in a matter of days in order to ensure young people were supported to find work, improve their wellbeing and encourage them to stay active while at home. Progressions' Coordinator, Oyin, said:

We are able to reach so many people online and it is incredible. We've made great impact over the last 5 months - which isn't easy to say during a global pandemic

Our work has never been more needed. We will continue to support young people as the UK deals with the impact of this crisis for years to come.

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