Over the past month, we have been compiling the ultimate list of “Things I wish I learnt at school”. Timed to coincide with the exam results for young people all over the UK, the goal was to provide some confidence and reassurance to young people that good grades are not the only pathway to a career.  

The campaign includes advice from a huge variety of partners,  including TV & radio presenters, Youtube vloggers, directors from Bank of America and State Street, employees from Sport England and the People’s Postcode Lottery, and Street League trustees, staff and graduates. We interviewed a total of 28 people, all of whom offered inspirational insights into their background, and the challenges they overcame on their way to their current position. We also invited members of the public to share their own advice using the hashtag #MadeOutsideTheClassrrom to broaden the reach even further.

The final stage of the campaign invited you (the general public) to decide on which quotes should make into our final ‘Top 10 Things I wish I learnt at school’ video. Thanks to your engagement with the campaign, we’re very proud of the final list of motivational and inspiring comments from Street League Participants, Managing Directors, CEOs and many more.

We spoke to a variety of different people, all of whom are at different stages in their career and have great advice on how to succeed. We pride ourselves on supporting and maintaining a diverse range of young people from all over the UK that are made outside the classroom.

Thanks to Bank of America, CVC, State Street, Sport England, Reed Smith, People’s Postcode Lottery, Tom Nolan, Max Rushden, Andy Ransom, Stuart Beaver, and all our amazing staff and participants for helping to motivate the next generation of young people and reassure them good grades are not the only pathway to a successful career. The campaign has so far reached over half a million people on social media and inspired over 300 young people to sign up to one of our programmes. 

Our final Top 10 “Things I wish I learnt at school” are displayed in the infographic and video below.



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