“Sport is integral to Street League and helps to make Street League stand out as a unique employability organisation"

Dr. Laura Hills, Brunel University London

Street League commissioned Brunel University to conduct an external evaluation of our sport for employment programmes, supported by funding from Barclays. The 24-month study included interviews and focus groups from 114 members of staff, participants, partners, and employers.

Programme success factors - what makes Street League so successful?

There is a variety of factors which make our programmes so successful at supporting young people into work, including:

  1. Using the power of sport to engage, motivate and build skills
  2. Supporting with personal development and overcoming individual barriers
  3. Supporting with employability skills
  4. In-work support once a young person has progressed into work or training
  5. The enjoyment of the programme - young people want to stay on the course.
  6. Assessment of which programme will best support a young person, or referral to specific services if it would help them more.

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A young person's journey through Street League

I like the fact that I gained valuable employability skills in a welcoming environment. It was an amazing 8 weeks and my confidence really grew. I also like the fact that I still continue to get support from the team even after completing the programme.

Young person's exit survey - 2017

Young people come to Street League in various ways, referred by unemployment offices and other social services outlets, youth workers, the probation service, through word of mouth, or via our online social media channels and refer-a-friend schemes.

During this time our staff develop a relationship with the young people and begin to talk about their career aspirations with the intention, when an individual is ready, to join an Academy course. This programme then lasts approximately two months and gives young people the skills and support they need to progress into education, training or work, with the support of the Street League staff and award-winning curriculum.

Each young person comes to us with a different starting point, and different aspirations, so journeys are highly individual. However, to help understand the process further, we've created this infographic of an example of how a young person journeys through our programmes.

Infographic of a young person's journey

Our programmes & variations

Every young person will take a slightly different journey into employment or education, depending on their initial barriers and their aspirations. We have a variety of programmes on offer to support the widest range of young people possible.

Types of employability programmes we offer:

  • The Academy programme 
    • Our main programme is an 8-12 week long sport and employability programme which supports each young person over a sustained period of time to achieve their chosen career goals, which could be employment, education or training. 
  • Other programmes
    • We offer a range of other programmes to support and feed into our Academy programme. For those not yet ready or committed enough to join the Academy, we offer social sports activities and drop-in sessions i.e. Street Football, Dance-Fit classes, Free Yoga sessions. We also support with summer jobs clubs. The idea is that these programmes will help a young person progress onto an Academy programme, which has the highest success rates at getting a young person into work.

Types of sports we use to engage:

Street League Football

Street League Football Employability programmes 2017 UK

Our roots are in football; it is the platform on which we built our charity and it continues to be the primary sport for Street League, representing 71% of our total participants (1723/2427). Football is the national sport and is an incredible engagement tool. From walking into a community with a bag of footballs, right through to achieving a six month sustained job outcome, football is the glue to our Street League Football programme.

Through our Academy programme, participants become fitter and more active which in turn means their minds become fitter and more active. We teach Maths and English in a way which is relevant, fun and engaging – by using football and sporting examples to bring the subjects to life both on the pitch and in the classroom and ultimately help young people learn the skills they need to get and sustain a job.

“We're trying to help young people out of unemployment and into a career path. It's great that football has the power to engage young people and to see the smiles on their faces when the footballs come out.

Michael Owen, Former England Footballer

Street League Dance-Fit

Street League Dance Fit Programmes

Capitalising on the significant growth in Dance Fitness, in 2014 we launched Street League Dance Fit. We are seeing significant benefits through the addition of Dance Fit to our sporting portfolio, including:

  • the ability to tailor sessions – creating either individual programmes or wider group interactions
  • giving young people the freedom to express themselves
  • the appeal to young female participants, helping to diversify our gender mix

Street League Fitness

Street League Fitness Employability Programmes

Spurred on by seeing the difference in the type of young people we had engaging with our dance-fit programme, we piloted a new fitness based programme to see if, once again, it engaged and supported a new group of young people. The two initial programmes in Scotland were a great success, thanks to pilot-funding from the players of the People's Postcode Lottery. Fitness programmes have now officially launched across the UK!

What destinations do young people move into?

Street League supported 1,553 young people into employment, education and training last year. Of the 982 who moved into employment, this spanned across 23 different industries.

The top 5 industries in which we created employment links were:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Customer Services

The partnership has really benefitted Jewson because it has allowed us to attract a younger, more diverse workforce. Jewson has found the calibre of candidates to be really strong, and at the same time it is protecting the sustainability of our business so we're excited to be expanding the partnership into more regions”

Adele Winfield, HR Manager, Jewson