Chandler, Birmingham

DHL partnership offers more than just employment

Chandler joined Street League after meeting Sabina, our Outreach Coordinator at Perry Barr Jobcentre. His end goal from the beginning was to find a job and earn his own money. As a keen footballer growing up, the football aspect of the programme was a bonus!

Match day with DHL at Leicester City FC

Team talk by John, Birmingham's Progressions Coordinator

To overcome his initial lack of confidence, Chandler built relationships with other students and the Street League team. He quickly got involved in the sports sessions and enjoyed asking questions in the employability sessions. As his confidence built, Chandler soon became a role model for the rest of the group and took on leadership roles in teamwork activities.

With support from John, the Street League Progressions Coordinator, Chandler decided that he would like to find a job in warehousing. This meant that when DHL, one of Street leagues partners, invited young people to play at Leicester City football ground Chandler was chosen to represent Team Street League!

 After this amazing once in a life-time experience, he then started a four-week paid work placement with DHL working in their warehouse. DHL were so impressed with Chandler he was asked to apply for a permanent job just a few weeks later!

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