Chloe, London

Goal Programme: Learning to be confident outside your comfort zone

Chloe attended Burlington Danes Academy and was part of the first group of girls to complete the mini goal program. Chloe was part of a group that enjoyed physical activity and learning, but did not enjoy the physical or competitive element of P.E.

When starting the programme it is important that all the participants know that Goal is a safe and open environment for them to share ideas and understand others. From the beginning of the programme Chloe has been a very bubbly character with a willingness to learn and support others. She was excited to be a part of the programme as it incorporated physical activity, role play and discussion tasks.

Chloe was hoping to develop knowledge in areas that are not part of the school curriculum, like female empowerment, menstruation and money management. She was also hoping to feel more comfortable with talking about different topics. We helped Chloe to achieve this by firstly, adapting the curriculum to suit the needs of the cohort, secondly – by delivering the sessions and giving out as much information and useful resources to support post programme. As time went on Chloe grew in confidence and was able to contribute during difficult discussions with the rest of the group.

Street League helped to develop Chloe’s confidence when talking outside of her comfort zone and especially with people who are not in her immediate friendship group. She has also developed her leadership skills throughout the programme and was a major asset to the other girls when providing support or sharing ideas.

Street League's Sports Coordinator, Cherrelle, an ex-student of Burlington Danes Academy herself, quickly builds rapport and trust with the girls, enabling them to open up and contribute to group discussions on more sensitive topics such as LGBTQI+ rights and menstruation.

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