Kamilly, Goal programme

Kamilly was quite confident but in certain subjects it was clear she was lacking in both knowledge and self-confidence and needed a space to discuss sensitive topics openly. She explained that she wanted to take part in the Goal programme to find out more about her body, identity and to participate in something different other than core P.E. provided by the school.

During the programme, Kamilly found the activities fun and different to what she was used to and she really benefitted from the open platform it gave her to talk about sensitive subjects. Her favourite session was on on menstruation. She explained that prior to Goal, she knew some of the basics, but no one had ever explained the menstrual cycle in detail to her.

“Street League has helped me to become more knowledgeable about myself and the way my body works. I am more open and allowed to be myself.”


Goal participant

Similarly, within the newly developed LGBTQ+ session, Kamilly was able to disclose her sexuality and find safety in being able to discuss this with her peers and Cherrelle.

Throughout the 12-week programme, Kamilly grew in confidence and the subjects that she once shyed away from talking about became a new outlet for her confidence. The programme enabled her to have fun as well as becoming more body confident and empowered!

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