Sam, Manchester

Before joining Street League, Sam was feeling deflated and confused - without experience or training, she was struggling to get a job in childcare. These challenges knocked her confidence and had Sam questioning her skills and abilities.

After meeting one of Street League’s Outreach Coordinators, Sam started attending an Academy. At first, she was very quiet and reserved, but as the weeks went by started to build her confidence, making new friends, taking a lead during activities and working hard on her communication and interview techniques.

I have really loved my time with Street League, as I have really struggled in my life. I have found myself again and found a new part of me. I would never go back as I really needed this. Street League has supported me the most out of everyone.


Street League graduate

Street League's staff supported Sam to build her CV and research industries that matched her skills and interests. Sam was keen on retail but felt she lacked the experience to get a job. Street League arranged a work placement with The Entertainer Toy Shop where Sam excelled – receiving excellent feedback from managers, customers and colleagues. A Retail Assistant role became available and the manager of the store suggested that Sam should apply.

With support from Street League, Sam applied for the Retail Assistant position, making sure her application was filled out correctly and included her recent work experience. She went through the official interview process with flying colours and got the job working as a Retail Assistant at The Entertainer Toy Shop!

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