We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved using the power of Sport over the past year - FY15/16 was by far the most successful year Street League has ever had.
As well as sharing successes, we're also committed to transparency and sharing what we didn't get right as well as what we did. Read more about our approach to transparency.

Here’s a selection of our positive impact stats over the past 12 months.

We supported 1,281 young people into employment, education and training in 2015-16.

We've achieved a 30-40% growth in hard outcomes over the past 3 years.

Street League 30-40% growth in hard outcomes

We support the young people who need our help the most.

  • 81% of participants are from the top 40% most deprived areas of the UK (1760/2177)
  • 75% faced at least one socio-economic barrier to employment (1257/1685)
  • 84% of our participants had no qualifications higher than GCSE, National 5 or equivalent (1421/1685)

We focus on life-changing impact which is a six-month sustained job outcome.

Getting a job is one thing, but staying in it is our most important measure of success.

We ensure we follow a young persons journey with us from when we first say to "hello", to when they have started their new job.

We conduct in-depth analysis into the socio-economic barriers we support.

Socio Economic Barriers

How do we prove our impact?

We believe in complete transparency and a robust approach to impact measurement. As a result, we have developed our Three Golden Rules.

Our Three Golden Rules:

  1. We will never overclaim what we do
  2. All percentages are backed up by absolute numbers to avoid being misleading
  3. All our outcomes are backed by auditable evidence.

Read more about our approach to transparency and monitoring and evaluation.

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