Street League is making a difference to young people across Scotland and the rest of the UK. Using sport as a route to provide young people with the skills to turn their lives around is a fantastic venture. Everyone at Street League works so hard to give thousands of people a helping hand to improve their life.

Nicola Sturgeon, 2016

Street League is the second biggest employability provider in Scotland.

What we offer

  • Stage 1 to 5 employability programmes (icons and stages)
  • Football and Dance-fit academies
  • 21 academy locations in Scotland across 15 local authorities.

A great track record

  • 1024 hard outcomes in Scotland (Jobs, education and training)
  • 71% growth vs. previous year
  • £14.5million gross welfare saving to Scottish taxpayer
  • 59% of our academy participants come from top 20% most deprived areas within Scotland
  • 77% of our academy participants face at least one socio-economic barrier
It's a privilege to serve young people who are unemployed. Enabling someone to enter the world of work to become an active and economic citizen is a socially just and moral endeavour. Enabling 1024 young Scots to enter employment and education last year sets the type of standard we wish to achieve year on year at Street League.

Dougie Stevenson, Managing Director Scotland

Our programme locations

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