We are immensely proud of our high valued ten-year partnership with State Street, who have played a vital role in allowing Street League to establish and strengthen our impact in specific regions like Edinburgh (and London in previous years).

We embrace the State Street vision to "increase the ability of disadvantaged people to earn and maintain a living" by working with young people from some of the most deprived communities, building the confidence, skills and experience required to achieve long-term employment. Street League’s programmes prevent young people from becoming entrenched in a perpetual cycle of unemployment, exclusion and poverty, enabling them to become confident, independent, contributing members of society.

State Street employees have provided invaluable volunteering support to Street League over the years and continue to do, firstly in London and now Edinburgh through mock interview sessions, CV workshops, global world video sessions, Ted Talks presentation skills, and fitness/football sessions.

Supporting the programmes as we have done historically in London and Edinburgh has given us the opportunity to work in two parts of the country where State Street is focused and based but also to engage our staff to bring their business and professional skills for the benefit of others and the community.

Based on our experience if companies are looking for an organisation that will firmly align with their Corporate Responsibility Strategy or clearly demonstrate positive outcomes or have that metrics and evaluation in place but also have that spirit of innovation and transparency that we are seeking, then I would have no hesitation in recommending Street League as a potential community partner.

Sharon Auger, Vice President - Corporate Citizenship, Global Inclusion & Diversity EMEA, State Street 

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