“I love dancing and Street League has been a huge help to me in improving my social and sport skills."

Toyin, London - Street League Graduate.

At Street League, our ultimate success measure is sustained employment outcomes. This year we successfully increased our six-month sustainment for employment outcomes to 59% (465/784) vs. 55% (387/710) last year.

For a live update on our six-month sustainment rate, see our real-time impact dashboard.


Youth unemployment sustainment analysis


  • Sectors with higher turnover did see fewer participants sustain for six months (i.e. retail, hospitality). Sustainment does not vary between male and female participants – although the female cohort size is far smaller.


  • We have limited information recorded about young people who don’t sustain their employment and are going to aim to improve this going forward. 
  • Whilst all of our outcome measurement is at GOLD standard, our sustainment checks are currently at BRONZE and we want to upgrade this process next year. See below for how we categorise our data integrity.


  • Going forward we will record hourly wage to get an insight into the impact that finance has on the sustainability of progressions.

Clark’s sustainment success story

In our last annual report, we opened with Clark’s transformational story.

In his own words, he said When I left school with low grades due to bad attendance and hanging with the wrong crowds, I had no hope of finding a suitable job. Years had flown by and claiming job seekers allowance was, unfortunately, beginning to be a regular occurrence.

Clark shared his story of how Street League helped him to gain the skills, qualifications, and experience necessary to secure his first placement at Reed Smith LLP, where he started as a temporary postal clerk and then progressed onto a records clerk, whilst also studying part-time for a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Since the last annual report, we’re delighted to announce that Clark has now been promoted to a paralegal at Reed Smith. Congratulations from all of us at Street League. Clark is a great example of how we support our young people beyond their graduation from our academy. Five years on, and we’re still in regular contact with Clark and his role as a youth ambassador for the charity also gave him the opportunity to meet Laurent Koscielny at the Epic Foundation Gala event in 2017.



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