“I’m Tom Nolan, a content creator and ambassador for Adidas UK, and here are the top three things you won’t learn in school”.

1. School isn’t the end of the world.
So much importance is placed on grades and exams, that you seem to forget that you only have to do these things in school. Don’t get me wrong, revise for your exams, but, if you try your hardest and still don’t pass - then don’t worry. Use that energy and effort and channel it into something you love, like I did.

2. Be your own success.
The world is full of opportunity and it’s ripe for the taking. Plan for your future and take responsibility into your own hands. If you’re determined and driven, then no one can stand in your way.

3. Now, the third and final tip is always to keep your eye on the prize.
You have to really focus on exactly what it is you want to achieve. You have to think through all your options and pick what role you want to end up in. Because, it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.