How to ace a job interview
Nervous about an upcoming job interview? Now, you don't have to be, with Street League's Top 5 Tips on how to ace your job interview!

1. Present yourself nicely:

Make sure you’re dressed smart and are well rested. There’s nothing worse than getting to a job interview feeling tired and underdressed.

Make the best first impression and plan your outfit the night before so you’re not rushing in the morning. This will alleviate some stress and give you time to think about the interview.

Street League partners with clothing organisations, such as SmartWorks and SuitedandBooted, that provide free formal clothing for people who may not have it, so we’ve got you covered!

2. Smile and greet your potential employer with a firm handshake:
The person you’re meeting will either be a future colleague or a future boss, so the first impression is vital in ensuring a smooth interview. When you greet the person interviewing you, shake their hand firmly and smile.

A good handshake and a nice smile can go long way in the interview process. It may even set you aside from other candidates.

It also shows that you have a confident personality.

3. Do your research about the company:
Make sure you do thorough research on the company. Learn a few basic facts about the company and make sure you remember them in the interview. This can only take about 20 minutes to do some solid research and it can go a long way.

In fact, the more thorough research that you do, I would say the more likely you are to get the job than the other candidates who might have not.

4. Always ask questions:
Employers appreciate it when you have questions for them. This is because it shows that you’re interested enough to listen to them and are interested in the company. It also shows that you know how to confidently start a conversation with people and the interviewer will come away from the interview feeling more engaged.

5. Write a follow-up E-Mail:
If you haven’t heard anything regarding the interview and want to reassure the employer that you’re still very interested - send him/her a polite and well-constructed E-Mail expressing your thanks for the interview and reminding them how passionate you are about the position. This shows the employer that you’re particularly interested and that you have taken the time to follow up.

This can only take you around 10 minutes and will definitely leave you in a good position with the employer. Even if you don’t get the job, you can use their response to that E-Mail to ask why you weren’t successful and use this information to improve next time.