“There have been many attempts to produce a unified measurement system for the charity sector. These virtuous attempts have usually ended in too higher a degree of complexity to make them workable. I believe there is a more straightforward and simple alternative.

Matt Stevenson-Dodd, CEO Street League

In 2016, we launched our #CallforClarity campaign which focuses on honest, transparent reporting within the third sector. As part of the campaign, we shared our ‘Three Golden Rules’ which we use internally to enhance the integrity of our data. We would encourage all charity organisations to adopt these guidelines to cut through ambiguity and make impact reporting within the Third Sector open and honest.

Three Golden Rules

At Street League, we’re on an ongoing journey to become even more transparent about our impact, and learn from it and improve our programmes at the same time. 

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New real-time impact dashboard

Three Golden Rules for transparent impact reporting

Cohort Analysis

We believe the best way to examine the data we collect from our participants is through cohort analysis. Cohort analysis involves grouping individuals together based on common characteristics, tracking key variables over time and using the results to identify trends and areas for further exploration. In our Annual Report, we have grouped together all the participants that started one of our programmes throughout the 2016/17 financial year. With that in mind, the Street League journey hasn’t finished for our full cohort yet and we will continue to monitor and analyse this cohort to accurately assess the effectiveness of our interventions and extract key learning for the future.

Street League's Internal Data Standards

Street League Internal Data Standards


Young People We work with young unemployed adults aged 16 - 24 years who often face multiple barriers to employment.
Socio-Economic Barriers Almost all the young people we work with face at least one obstacle to employment. We refer to these obstacles as socio-economic barriers. A few of examples of these barriers would be lack of work experience, few or no qualifications, or a criminal record. 
Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) A government measure which ranks areas throughout the UK based on levels of deprivation. This is calculated based on key demographic data including income, employment rates, educational achievements, health and crime, amongst other factors.
Prior Attainment We record each young person’s highest level of qualification prior to engaging with Street League. Depending on the results this could also be classed as a barrier, though we feel this is an important measure and often analyse this information in isolation from the rest of the barriers we capture. 
Academy Programme We enrol suitable young people on to our Academy programme which runs for 10 - 12 weeks. On the Academy, participants will take part in a range of personal development and employability sessions along with a healthy dose of sport. Participants are offered the chance to gain accredited qualifications and take part in a work experience placement while on the programme. 
Hard Outcomes Street League aims to help unemployed young people progress into employment, education or further training opportunities. We refer to these as hard outcomes. 
Soft Outcomes Along their journey, Street League supports unemployed young people to develop relevant life and work skills such as building confidence and improving health and fitness. We refer to these as soft outcomes. 
Sustainments After helping a young person secure a job, we aim to help them keep it. Our key measure is to help our participants sustain employment for a period of six months. 



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