Employers – why partner with Street League?

  1. As an SQA Accredited Centre for Learning, we have adopted a 100% commitment to the full life cycle of a person’s career, from pre-employment, to hire and selection, onboarding and induction and now – on the job training.
  2. We employ Modern Apprentices ourselves at Street League and have implemented very rigorous search and selection methods to hire our own MA’s, who are now employed, being trained and are loving the opportunity work-based learning has provided. As a result of our own Street League Modern Apprenticeship programme, we understand how becoming an Apprentice can enhance an individual’s career and life prospects, simultaneously providing an invaluable service to an employer as an extension of their own recruitment and CSR agenda (or both!).
  3. However, we also understand the complexities and challenges associated with hiring young people into an organisation and are well equipped to overcome these barriers, ensuring the correct person is selected as part of any hiring or internal selection process.
  4. Our current programme success rates are unmatched, with 81% of our young people progressing into a positive destination after they have accessed our services (1,088 in 2016). Of those young people, a staggering 72% remain in post after 12 weeks - far higher than open market recruitment or even commercial recruitment, averaging only 59% and 63% respectively over the same duration.
  5. In 2016/17, 78% of people who began a Modern Apprenticeship programme in Scotland went onto complete their qualification, displaying only one of many commercial benefits to an organisation in hiring and training young people. Considering our current target audience are young, unemployed people – this provides employers a great deal of confidence in the investment we make in every single young person on our programmes, which we would mirror in our provision of training.
  6. We have worked extensively with local and national employers to deliver on site support for young people on work experience via the Certificate of Work Readiness and employment initiatives. Employers including Hilton, Jewson, Debenhams, Job Worth Doing, Glasgow Life Leisure Services, The Wheatley Group, Barclays and TM Lewin have all worked with Street League to create new opportunities for young people seeking work.
  7. As a partner with Street League, we will provide your current workforce with a multitude of engagement opportunities which would compliment your CSR strategy.  This could be places on running events, supporting disadvantaged young people with interview and CV advice and guidance, or we can also put on sports and fitness events for your workforce. 

Partnering with Street League…

We are now seeking to engage with business leaders from across Scotland in the following sectors to support our bid to provide high-quality training and recruitment programmes for young people, or, to discuss how we can potentially upskill existing members of staff within your organisation; 

  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing
  • Food and drink operations

If you are not an organisation in any one of the above fields, we would still like to hear from you! Our strategy on provision of training is holistic and consultative, so we’re keen to meet and speak with anyone who would like to know more about potentially partnering with Street League as a training provider of choice, supporting the design and implementation of innovative, exciting programmes as we seek to improve the Skills landscape across Scotland.