Why you should join Street League
Street League wants to help you guys get ready for work. That's why we have created the brand new #Movingintowork Toolkit, which focuses on improving young people's mental health, physical health, and employability.

Here are 5 reasons why you would benefit from joining Street League:
1. Friends:
At Street League, we have a diverse range of people all of whom have different backgrounds and experiences. Come, have fun, meet great members of staff, and, most importantly, meet a lot of new mates!

2. Free sport:
Whether you prefer football, dance or fitness, you’re sure to enjoy our free sports classes. Sport is integral to our philosophy because we believe that sport has the power to change lives. At Street League, you play sports everyday lead by professional football and dance coaches and personal trainers.

3. Fitness:
97% of our participants said that Street League’s free programmes had improved their fitness. We combine physical exercise and confidence training in order to for our participants to feel better about themselves. *104/107 people surveyed.

4: Move into work:
We have helped 1709 young people into work from a Street League programme. We use the power of sport to help you guys get into work education, employment or training, and we have done so for the last 13 years.

5. CV help:
At Street League, we provide all of our participants with 1-1 help their CV’s. We do this to ensure that you guys and girls have the best chance of getting into education, employment or training.