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Aged 16 to 30? Not currently in work, education or training? Get in touch.

Not everyone finds success in the classroom and not everyone gets top grades. We believe that attitude, determination and teamwork are even more important. We believe every young person should have the chance to succeed and everything we do is focused on supporting you to move into work, education, an apprenticeship or training.

Here at Street League, we use the power of sport to help you achieve your full potential, building the confidence and skills needed in life and the world of work. You can play sport every day, learn key skills and get the qualifications you need to get a job and get paid. It’s not about having mad football skills or being super fit, it’s about having the determination to move into work and having fun at the same time!

Our academies use the Skills Builder Universal Framework and we are proud to have achieved Level 4 (Progressing in essential skills) for our Sports and Employability programmes across England.

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How it works

We helped 1,284 young people last year into jobs or training and found jobs, apprenticeships, and training programmes for young people in loads of different sectors. See how we can work with you:

  1. 16-30 and not in work, education or training? 
  2. Join our FREE sport and employability courses - based in communities across Scotland and England.
  3. Support with work skills, life skills and getting you ready for work
  4. 1-to-1 support with career advice and mentoring, including once you've moved into a new job.
  5. Help with job applications and applying for apprenticeships.
  6. Opportunity to take nationally recognised qualifications
  7. Daily sports and fitness activities with our trained football, fitness and dance coaches.
  8. Opportunity for up to 100-hour work experience with one of our great partners
  9. Plus... travel expenses paid and £50 worth of free Nike sportswear.

Sport and Employability Academy

Our free courses run for 8 to 20 weeks and you can join today!

Street League uses sport and fitness to tackle youth unemployment. We help unemployed 16-30 year olds find work, training, apprenticeships, education and traineeships. Not only will you gain confidence and develop skills for the world of work - you'll also get fit, make friends and have fun.

You'll gain valuable qualifications and we can help you get work experience with one of our employer partners. It's about your goals - we work with you to find the right opportunity for you.


Job search support

Get help with your CV, job searching and applications.

Struggling to find a job or don't know where to start? Our Progressions Coordinators can help you look for work, support you to write your CV and applications and prepare for interviews. We know finding a job is just part of the challenge - we will stay in touch with you for up to six months after you move into work. You'll always have someone at Street League you can talk to and ask for help and advice.


Street Sports

Get fit and develop the skills needed to move into work.

If you're wanting to get fit and take part in free sport sessions get in touch about our Street Sports sessions. You can join in football, dance, fitness, running and many more fun activities! It could be the start of your journey to finding a job.


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We use the power of sport to help young people across the country get into education, training and employment. Changing lives for the better, we hope to instil the positivity and confidence in young people to achieve their goals. We’re based throughout the UK, creating opportunities and personal development for young people from London to Glasgow.

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