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How Do We Make a Difference in Young People's Lives?

Young people hear about Street League through lots of different ways. They can be referred by Job Centre Plus (JCP) employees, social services, youth workers, the probation service or young offending teams, teachers, family and friends, our online social media channels or our refer-a-friend schemes.

Once a young person gets in touch, our staff start to talk about career aspirations with the intention, when an individual is ready, to join one of our courses. Our courses last approximately two months and give young people the skills and support they need to progress into education, training or work. Each young person gets an individual action plan, that supports them achieve their goals and overcome the barriers they face. 

We know that moving into work, education or training is just the beginning of a young person's journey. We keep supporting them - and their employers - for up to six months through our Aftercare Service.

Understanding our social impact

As part of our commitment to honest and transparent social impact reporting, we wanted to move 'beyond' the annual report. You can see our social impact year round - our successes and what we don't get right. HINT: For the best experience, we recommend you view and interact on a desktop device.

You can better understand Street League's impact by reading through the eight tabs (you can select navigation and expand to full-page at the bottom of dashboard). The dashboard follows an overview of our 'theory of change' and we believe that the final tile best summarises our impact as our mission is to help young people from disadvantaged communities move into sustainable jobs, education and training.

The dashboard uses our full dataset over the past twelve months (plus some historic data). All data is anonymised and has passed our four-stage internal audit process. Click the info icons on the dashboard to help you understand what you're looking at.


What makes Street League so successful?

We're not a traditional recruitment process, there are a variety of factors that make our programmes so successful at supporting young people into work, including:

  1. Assessment of which programme will best support a young person, or referral to specific services if it would help them more
  2. Using the power of sport to engage, motivate and build skills
  3. Building trust-based relationships with young people
  4. Supporting with personal development and overcoming individual barriers
  5. The enjoyment of the programme - young people want to stay on the course
  6. Developing and assessing essential employability skills
  7. In-work support once a young person has progressed into work or training

Our model works

We understand that each young person comes to us with a different starting point, which is what makes us different. We develop relationships and trust with young people to understand their aspirations. Each journey is highly individual, see a young person's journey through our employability programme:

  1. Young people are referred to us through our partners, job centres, or find us through social media. From our initial "hello" they take part in sport and taster sessions to get a feel for us. Then we have a one-to-one review barrier assessment to create individual action plans.
  2. After our first assessment, each individual starts building confidence, learning key communication and leadership skills through employability and sports lessons. With regular one-to-one reviews, we set progression routes and goals to move them onto their work experience. 
  3. We place each young person in suitable employment where they learn whilst they earn, starting their career journey.
  4. As young people develop and achieve their goals, we continue to give them in-work support helping them sustain their employment and become their own success story. 

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We'd like to keep in touch with you about the vital work we do for young people, our fundraising appeals, and opportunities to support us. For more information see our privacy policy.

We'd like to keep in touch with you about the vital work we do for young people, our fundraising appeals, and opportunities to support us. For more information see our privacy policy.

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